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Simone Hooymans


born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

1992 – 1996
St. Lucas Boxtel, Graphic design, the Netherlands.

1998 – 2002
Art academy HKA Arnhem, Fine art, the Netherlands.

2004 – 2005
Postgraduate st. Joost, Breda, Fine art, the Netherlands.

Since 2002 til today, works as independent visual artist.
Lives and works since 2010 in Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik and Skrivargard, Hesthamar, Norway.

Member of

BKH and NBK Norge, Norway
Hardingpuls, Norway
Pictoright, the Netherlands

Solo shows

Haugesund Kunstforeining, Haugesund Norway.
Galleri Puls, Norheimsund, Norway. Drawings and animations.
Exhibition “ After Office Hours” Foajé Kabuso, museum for modern art, Øystese, Norway.
Hardanger Kunstsenter, Norheimsund, Norway. Drawings and animations.
Galery Judy Straten, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Exhibition of drawings and animations.
Videowall#9 Theatre Utrecht, the Netherlands. 4-channel videoprojection of charcoal/ink animation Planisphere.

Group shows

expected 2014
Solo exhibition Galleri Hotel Neptun, Bergen, Norway.
Group exhibition Spartnic,  Ostrale, centre of contemporary art, Dresden, Germany
Groupexhibition at Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Publication of Art calender in the Netherlands, with Stuck IIII drawing.
New animation, in collaboration with Mari Kvien Brunvoll.
Groupexhibition A-line, at gallery Judy Straten, Horst, the Netherlands.
Groupexhibition WOW at Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Groupexhibition  Wrapped ‘n packed, Art collective Casco Apeldoorn, screening After Office Hours.
Hardanger Filmfestival Norway, screening After Office Hours.
HiH, Holland in Hardanger, group exhibition at Hardanger Folkemuseum, Utne Norway.
Jubileum Utstilling Glød Harding Puls at Kabuso, museum for modern art, Øystese, Norway.
Portraits, groupexhibition at gallery Judy Straten, Horst, the Netherlands.
Hardanger Open, open studio and performance “skrelle poteter med bestemor”, at the Hardanger folkemuseum Utne
ORD-Kunstvandring Fykse, performance “Heime er der Bestemor er”, Fykse Norway.
Europetour with CosyMo’s solar cinema screening After Office Hours
CaixaForum, Madrid, Spain, ViVa collection, screening Campsite Hortus.
Groupexhibition Voss kunstlag, Voss Norway.
Casco Film screening  Broken Horizon, filmtheater Gigant,  Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
Big filmscreen Tilburg, the Netherlands, screening Broken Horizon.
Casco Re-destination exhibition Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Screening Broken Horizon and
book presentation of “Drawings and animations”.
Oddstream festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands, screening Broken Horizon.
Expoesia festival, Spain, screening Campsite Hortus.
Hardanger filmfestival, Norway, screening Broken Horizon.
Gastgastgeber festival Bochum, Germany, screening Broken Horizon
MOCA Seoul Korea filmfestival, screening Campsite Hortus.
Gallery ATH Ulvenhout, the Netherlands, drawings.
Animayo festival Gran canaria, screening Broken Horizon.
Europetour with CosyMo’s solar cinema.
FilmbankTV, the Netherlands, screening Broken Horizon.
Victoria Film festival, Canada. Screening Broken Horizon.
NFF, Dutch filmfestival Utrecht (NL), screening Broken Horizon.
CasZuidas urbanscreen filmfestival Amsterdam (NL), screening Broken Horizon.
Museum Gouda (NL), expo NL 2, installation Worlds in itself, drawings, Saljoetsilo
Ars elektronica, Human nature. Filmfestival Austria (NL), screening Broken Horizon. of your life, Zwolle (NL), installation Worlds in itself, drawings, Saljoetsilo.
Future shorts Filmfestival, Amsterdam (NL), screening Broken Horizon.
Verkadefabriek Den Bosch (NL), Screening animation Broken Horizon during Filmbanktour.
Lux, Nijmegen (NL). Screening animation Broken Horizon, Dziga Kinoglaz, Nijmegen
Exhibition at CBK Nijmegen (NL), animation installation ‘Worlds in itself’
Exibition, Mono no aware installation  at Judy Straten gallery, Horst (NL).
Viva f filmfestival, MOca Shanghai China, screening “Campsite Hortus”
Viva filmfestival, Hara museum Tokyo Japan, screening “Campsite Hortus”
Groupexhibition Gallery Judy Straten, Horst (NL), animation installation ‘Worlds in itself’
Kunstvlaai Amsterdam (NL), screening Saljoetsilo.
VIVA filmfestival Spain, screening animation Campsite Hortus.
Jong Land, groupexhibition, Annapaulowna (NL) , animation installation Worlds in itself and drawings.
Zapping, Grafic studio Eindhoven, (NL) Working period with presentation of the installation Mono no aware
Telling tale, CBK Den Bosch (NL), animation installation Worlds in itself
W139 Amsterdam (NL). “One; & the other painting”, animation installation Worlds in itself.
Lux cinema, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Screening animation Landscape#1.
Screening videoregistration of my Performance “Earthpower”, during Kunstvlaai 06, Amsterdam.
VIVA festival, Hara Museum of contemporary art, Tokyo, Screening short film title: Saljoetsilo.
Noorderparkfestival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. installation Tablecircuit, a community art project with  the music-composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven.
Kunstvlaai 06, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. “Performance “Earthpower”
VIVA-festival Huelva, Spain, Screening short film, title: Saljoetsilo.
Youththeatre Nijmegen, the Netherlands. videoinstallation with animations, for the youth theatre, in assignment of, Dziga Nijmegen.