Nomadic Nature Kit 2010

The Nomadic Nature Kit is designed for space travelers. Inside the space habitat, its presence
will create a virtual closeness between the astronaut and his/her home; as reflectional object
the work offers concepts of place and their meaning. It also can be utilised as sensorial
stimulator as well as for the activity of gardening.

The artistic work consists of two transparent hemispheres that are connected to each other.
Miniature biotopes are mounted on the bottom surface of each half of a sphere in the middle
of the object. The round body is transparent on all sides and can be used by the astronaut
while floating in weightlessness.

The Nomadic Nature Kit is designed as a closed loop. It includes all elements necessary to
support and control conditions inside the biotope and the plants growth. Inbuilt sensors control
humidity, oxygen and temperature, as well as nutrition levels. These data are transferred to
the space traveler’s personal messenger and enable ongoing control and maintenance.