Three-dimensional constructions of mirror-polished stainless-steel spheres and intersecting rods colonize a wall in a loosely organized manner, or grow from the floor into free-standing networked structures – swarms of mirrored orbs that physically support and reflect one another’s position in synoptic play.

Fried’s Spatial “Globalexandria” objects derive their essential skeletal forms from the systems thinking information age in a static, yet gestural way. One immediately gets a sense of motion as we look to connect the dots, perhaps in search of some nonsensical sense, while noticing that as we project our own synaptic perspective into the network, we can see our own reflection in all the spheres simultaneously.

Fried’s Globalexandria sculptures are inspired by the information age, connectivity on a global scale, the creation of strong positions through networks, and how media evolves us, as we evolve it. Looking to Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”, Fried highlights the new global tools and mediums of our times and how they evolve the language itself and influence and in turn, what content we communicate.